New iPhones are bigger in size and price tag

Priced at CNY 8,699 (Rs. 91,300 approx) has the same price as that of iPhone XS 64GB in China. "The iPhone XS is good enough in many ways", TechRadar agrees, but still says it "doesn't redefine anything the way last year's phone did". Like, mindblowingly so: nearly three times faster downloads on AT&T, more than double on Verizon, and almost double the speed on T-Mobile.

The new iPhones performed the best on AT&T's wireless network, with downloads averaging 72.24 Mbps.

Popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD) posted a video revealing the unboxing and the contents of the iPhone Xs Max.

If Trump expands the tariffs to an additional $267 billion worth of goods then almost every Chinese import would be affected, including the iPhone, along with all other smart phones.

While you might argue that some of the comparisons don't stand up to scrutiny (does the Mi Mix 2S or the Mi 8 really match the XS or XS Max?), it's hard to argue with Xiaomi's 'why buy one device when you could get a new phone, a laptop, a fitness tracker, and earphones?' logic.

While it's Apple's nature to hide details (like sales figures) pertinent to its major product launches, savvy and well-connected analysts in the Far East have historically been able to offer reasonable estimates of how the company's new products are performing, even shortly after launch.

This accessory costs just $9 and Apple is charging not just a premium for the iPhone Xs Max, but customers will have to head out and purchase the adapter as well as a fast charger.

Clearly, if you care about getting those streaming series without a single hiccup, you will want to get the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max.



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