Microsoft really doesn't want you to abandon Edge on Windows 10

Windows 10 warning for Google Chrome

In a statement, Microsoft said the warning windows were being tested with a small number of users who were part of its "Insiders" initiative. Microsoft wants you to know that Edge is the faster, safer browser, designed for Windows.

An image of the offending pop-up was shared in a tweet by user Sean Hoffman.

Microsoft will probably start using this "app recommendations" feature to push other apps in the future, too. The warning panel links to a user settings system that lets them turn off the alerts.

Instead of disabling the app recommendations by default, Microsoft seems to be enabling them by default. It's particularly bold for Microsoft to surface this pop-up as soon as you try to launch the installer for another browser as well, and we can't really see its existence sitting well with the larger Windows 10 userbase.

NetMarketShare has Chrome dominating the browser market with a 65.21 percent share, followed by Internet Explorer on 10.68 percent, Firefox with 9.76 percent, and Edge on 4.3 percent.

Microsoft's next major Windows 10 update will arrive in October. Time will tell, but even if this pop-up never makes it to a live version of Windows 10, it's clear that Microsoft is looking for new ways to scare people away from Edge's competition.

Microsoft has released Edge for Android and the browser has been well received by Android users.

Here's the amusing thing: Despite all these tricks, Edge only has about 4% of the browser market. It shows a smiling person standing in front of the Edge logo, leading what is presumably their best life now that they've broken free of Chrome and Firefox.

WTF?! As demonstrated by the methods it used to get people onto Windows 10, Microsoft isn't averse to using shady tactics when pushing its products. Now, these "app suggestions" can be turned in the Settings app if you don't want Microsoft promoting Edge as you try to install another browser, and the popup itself doesn't stop you from installing other browsers, it just reminds you that Edge exists and is worth a try.



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