Man arrested in Saudi Arabia for having breakfast with woman

Unclear crime The Saudi woman s seen eating and waving at the camera during the clip

What would seem to be a perfectly fine video to millenials in any part of the world may not be perceived in the same way in Saudi Arabia.

Announcing the news of his detainment, the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development also released a statement on Twitter saying it had contacted the owner of the company where the two colleagues worked to investigate the "violation of the women working conditions".

In the 30-second video, the man and woman briefly joke about eating their breakfast together, with nobody else invited.

Local media identified the man as an Egyptian national. She is also seen feeding the man something that looks like a french fry.

Government regulations in Saudi Arabia stipulate that work places should ensure a private setting for female employees separate from men.

The coastal city of Jeddah, where the man and the woman were arrested, has numerous upscale cafés and restaurants that don't enforce segregation.

Women are not allowed to carry out most activities without being accompanied by male guardians, usually a father, husband, brother or even a son.

But many people in Egypt reacted with surprise at the outcry from Saudi Arabia and wonder how anyone could be arrested for such an innocuous video.

As the video sparked a torrent of criticism from arch-conservatives, the public prosecution urged expats in the kingdom to respect "values and traditions of Saudi society".

The man's arrest comes after the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's bid to modernize the Gulf kindgom, Time Magazine reported.

The arrest is at odds with the much-touted reform efforts of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman - known nearly universally as MBS - which seemed to be progressing with the Kingdom's lifting of a ban on women driving, but took a U-turn with the May arrest of at least 11 women activists.



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