JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon on Trump: My wealth no "gift from daddy"

J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon Disses Trump’s IQ, Says He Could Win in 2020: ‘I’m Smarter Than He Is’

"I think I could beat Trump", Dimon said.

"I think I could beat [President Donald] Trump", Dimon said during a morning event. In a statement from Dimon sent out by the bank on Wednesday afternoon, the CEO added that he regrets making the comments on beating Trump, according to Bloomberg.

Despite speculation he may run for office, Dimon said earlier this year that he's committed to remaining at JPMorgan Chase for another five years, which would rule out a presidential campaign in 2020. "Proves I wouldn't make a good politician", the Wall Street executive said in a statement. "I get frustrated because I want all sides to come together to help solve big problems", he said via emailed remarks from a JPMorgan representative.

The confidence marks a sharp turn for Dimon, who, when asked about his political potential before the rise of the Trump administration, doubted he'd ever win election as a wealthy New Yorker. "It wasn't a gift from Daddy".

Shortly after, as the comments circulated on social media, Dimon backtracked.

Dimon quickly clarified that he is not running for president and should not have made the remarks.

Dimon also suggested that his wealth was earned, and not given to him by his father - another jab at Trump, whose father, Fred, gave him $1 million in financing, millions drawn against his future inheritance and a share of his real estate holdings.

The executive has been CEO of JPMorgan, the biggest USA bank, since 2005.

The JPMorgan chief executive said he could best Trump in a race for the White House because he has got the physical and mental chops.

Dimon grew up in Queens, New York, and received his master's degree from Harvard Business School and went on to work at American Express after graduation.

Dimon has taken shots at others in Washington without swiftly reversing himself.



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