IPhone XS Max could be Apple's biggest phone yet

J. Lekavicius

The device is presumed to boast the same 5.8-inch OLED display present in the company's current flagship.

Apple is widely expected to unveil a direct successor to the current iPhone X that could be called the iPhone Xs at its forthcoming event on September 12.

The information that's been going around for months is that the company will launch three new iPhones. The 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches models would feature OLED display while the 6.1 inches model would have an LCD screen. These include two high OLED models, along with a low-priced LCD TFT model. As a conclusion, this time around we won't see any great innovation but what we can expect is a fine refinement over the iPhone X.

As far as India is concerned, new iPhones will be priced anywhere between Rs 60,000 and Rs 1,10,000, if not more. There could be improvements in the camera, but the details are not clear yet. Apple would expect customers to be willing to pay more for this new generation of devices with larger screens.

Apple's event invitation made heavy use of the color gold, fueling speculation on social media that the company plans to launch a gold-colored successor to the iPhone X, which was made available only in silver and gray previous year. With every day that passes we start hearing about more rumors and leaks regarding the 2018 iPhone devices.

No accessories have been announced for the iPhone XS, but they will probably be unveiled following the official launch. Converting to Indian rupees, this comes to Rs 57,364 for the iPhone Xs, Rs 71,723 for the iPhone Xs Max and Rs 50,184 for the iPhone 9. It is also seen with a single rear camera.

The next Apple Watch is rumored to have a larger display.

There are rumors, as of now, related to the price of the upcoming iPad but Apple will continue with the trend of pricing iPad in the bracket between $650 to $700 for Pro models. We also believe that there is a possibility that Apple's gross margins and average selling prices, which stood at about 38% and $724 respectively over fiscal Q3, will see a boost from this upgrade cycle.

This is because a report from Trendforce indicated the trio of new iPhones will come with multiple storage options.

How to watch: Go to Apple's event website. Of course, you could also buy directly from Apple, but expect to pay full price unless you trade in an old phone.



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