IOS 12 available 3 days before launch date; Know the trick

The screen time function will allow users to manage how much time they spend on their devices

There are other new features as well, such as new Animoji, Animoji in FaceTime, Screen Time, and more. But thanks to the new iPhone update, individual notifications will now become a thing of the past.

This update will be particularly exciting to people who are in multiple group texts and whose lock screens are often a flood of text notifications from aforementioned group texts. Improvements have been made to activity tracking and workout apps, and to Notifications.

Updating the firmware shouldn't lead to data loss on your device. There's a Memoji for that! It's so easy to lose track of how much time you or your family spend browsing websites, watching videos or scrolling through social media.

iOS 12 brings a lot of under-the-hood improvements and as well as nifty new features like Screen Time, Memojis, new gesture-based navigation for the iPad and more.

Activist investor Jana Partners and the California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS), which both have stakes in Apple, early this year called on the company to give parents more tools to ensure children are using its devices in ways that aren't hurting them.

Are you redesigning your living room and need to know the dimensions of your current furniture?

The new mobile operating system will have some significant changes, including how notifications are displayed, updates to the Photos app, and a new augmented-reality Measure app to take measurements with only your iPhone camera. Or walk 15 minutes to your first class every Tuesday and Wednesday morning? Using the new Shortcuts app (which is basically the Workflow app created to work with Siri), users can program Siri to do tasks such as ordering coffee while on the way home, locking or unlocking the front door, turning lamps on, and playing some music. Finder is getting a new "Gallery" feature that'll show you a large preview of a selected file, and you'll be able to quickly view metadata of any file in a tab on the right-hand side of the Finder window. New features include Walkie-Talkie, a Podcasts app, and Raise to Speak with Siri.



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