Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop to Pay $145,000 in Vaginal Egg Settlement

Goop's $66 Jade Egg the subject of a complaint filed by nine California counties is seen in an image from the company's website

You can still buy the eggs on Goop's website.

According to the complaint filed in Napa County Superior Court, Goop made spurious claims about the health benefits of its vaginal eggs and floral oil blend.

"Jade eggs can help cultivate sexual energy, increase orgasm, balance the cycle, stimulate key reflexology around vaginal walls, tighten and tone, prevent uterine prolapse, increase control of the whole perineum and bladder, develop and clear chi pathways in the body, intensify feminine energy, and invigorate our life force". However, 10 prosecutors from the California Food, Drug and Medical Device Task Force said in their lawsuit that Goop's claims "were not supported by competent and reliable science".

The merchandise includes the Jade Egg, a US$66 item inserted into vaginas to enhance sexual energy; the Rose Quartz Egg, a similar product; and Inner Judge Flower Essence Blend, a tincture. "We were surprised at quite how many public vote nominations GOOP received for the "Rusty Razor" award for pseudoscience - it's certainly a popular win", said editor Deborah Hyde. On Wednesday, state officials and Goop announced that they had settled the suit, with Paltrow's company agreeing to pay $145,000 in civil penalties.

The lawsuit was brought by California's consumer protection office. "We will vigilantly protect consumers against companies that promise health benefits without the support of good science ... or any science".

This is not the first time Goop products have been ridiculed, read about Paltrow's reaction to Goop's vaginal steaming here.

In a statement provided to Bloomberg News, Goop's chief financial officer, Erica Moore, said, "Goop provides a forum for practitioners to present their views and experiences with various products like the Jade Egg".

The company has now agreed to refund any customers who bought those eggs or the Inner Judge Flower Essence Blend between January 12, 2017 and August 31, 2017. "This settlement does not indicate any liability on Goop's part".

Goop said in a statement that while it "believes there is an honest disagreement about these claims, the company wanted to settle this matter quickly and amicably".

The health and wellness advice and products endorsed by Goop have garnered a great deal of controversy and scrutiny for their questionable scientific merit.



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