Grandmother kills alligator after it eats her horse

Grandmother shoots gator in Polk County

She told local news stations that her horse - which she described as being the size of a labrador - went missing in the same pasture where the alligator had been.

"That's a monster", her son-in-law, Scott Hughes, can be heard saying during video on Facebook of Cochran aiming her shotgun at the animal. The alligator is now with a taxidermist who will mount the head, which Cochran plans to display in her office.

It runs from September 10 to 30, and Cochran said her property, which has been in the family for more than 50 years, was issued a hunting permit by a state wildlife biologist.

A grandmother shot a gator dead at her Texas ranch on Sunday night, a single bullet to the head of revenge she says for the 12-foot, 580-pound beast that probably ate her miniature horse.

Ms Cochran's miniature horse's remains were never found after it disappeared about three years ago.

The alligator was killed during hunting season and was already on a hook when it was captured, as required by law.

She brought out an alligator trapper who caught the reptile using raccoon roadkill as bait. The gator's head and tail will be mounted. Cochran said she'll have the body of the gator fashioned into boots.

Some have asked why she didn't have the alligator relocated, but Cochran said she viewed that option as simply passing along a nuisance. "We'll have the hide tanned to make some boots out of it, you can only make boots from the belly". "We don't just go to the ranch and hunt a gator".



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