Friends prank McDonalds with poster kept up for 51 days

Christian Toledo and Jevh Maravilla, from the Houston-area, noticed the lack of Asian representation at their local McDonald's at 2815 Business Center Dr.

So when they saw a bare wall, they had an idea that the two of them, both Filipino-American, were the people to fill it... with a giant picture of themselves.

On Monday, Maravilla tweeted out pics of the faked photo.

They edited the photo and ordered a large poster print from Office Depot for a little more than $80.

But this was one instance when a amusing flight of fancy became reality (after a little hard work and a $7 McDonald's shirt was obtained). Then they made their move.

He also carried a badge that identified him as "Regional Interior Coordinator" for the company.

They pulled off the prank on 13 July and the poster has been up ever since.

A few weeks later, it was still there. "Remember, folks, all races deserve recognition", Maravilla says in the video. "I guess I did my part".

Maybe we can change that, ' " Maravilla said in a video he and his friends uploaded on YouTube, explaining how they went about accomplishing the daring feat.

After the incident McDonald's applauded the duo for their creativity.

In a statement obtained by, Pearland McDonald's franchisee Mariselle Quijano said, "We take pride in highlighting diversity in every aspect of our restaurants". Whether Jev's poster will remain in the restaurant is still to be seen, but his point was made loud and clear.

ITV News has contacted McDonald's for a comment but they are yet to say whether they will allow the photo to stay on the wall.



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