Florence death toll jumps to 31 as flooding wreaks havoc

Florence death toll jumps to 31 as flooding wreaks havoc

Florence, which was downgraded from a hurricane soon after it made landfall on the United States east coast, has killed eight people in North Carolina and three in SC.

Of the 20 deaths linked to Florence, 15 happened in North Carolina, and five were in SC.

As all of the rain in the area entered the river system, the Lumber River reached a startling high of 25 feet on Sunday - about 12 feet about flood stage.

Wilmington, on the banks of the Cape Fear River in North Carolina, was nearly completely cut off by land but emergency management teams managed to truck food and water overnight into the port city of 120,000 people.

The National Weather Service said there was an "elevated risk for landslides" in North Carolina.

Cooper joined city and county officials as well as N.C. Rep. Michael Speciale (R-Craven) as they toured New Bern's Riverside and Woodrow districts before stopping by to greet relief volunteers and members of the National Guard at Temple Baptist Church.

One group of good Samaritans traveled from Tennessee to help the storm-beleaguered city get back on its feet - small business owners who say they are just doing what God wants them to do.

A one-year-old boy is the youngest victim to have been killed by the storm after he fell out of his mother's hands near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bethune said Sunday that the rivers were expected to crest in two days, with significant flooding.

Three television stations in a hurricane-ravaged North Carolina city are about to go dark because there's no gas to keep their generators running.

Florence death toll jumps to 31 as flooding wreaks havoc

North Carolina authorities released a full list of deaths on Monday afternoon, bringing the death toll for the state up to 24.

At the news conference on Monday, he added, "We are expecting several more days of rain". Thirty roads remained impassable, Dana Outlaw said, with 4,200 homes and more than 300 commercial buildings damaged, 6,000 people left without power and 1,200 in shelters.

The river similarly inundated Lumberton with floodwaters in 2016 during Hurricane Matthew because of a gap in the surrounding levee, which allowed water to flood the southwest part of the city.

- A woman went into cardiac arrest in Hampstead, in North Carolina's Pender County.

- Another person died in Pender County, according to the county's emergency management director.

- Another man in Lenoir County was electrocuted while trying to connect two extension cords.

One was blown over by high winds while checking on his dogs. Southbound I-95 lanes also were closed between Exits 81 and 65 in North Carolina.

Tropical depression Florence is expected to weaken on Monday before re-intensifying as it transitions to an extratropical cyclone Tuesday and Wednesday, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said on Monday. It was moving north at 13 miles per hour, whipping up 30-mph winds.

"I lost everything in the flooding", he said. The largest amount so far was in Elizabethtown, which has received 35.93 inches (0.91 meters).



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