First in-game footage of Fortnite's new Spiky Stadium

Feralidragon's Legendary Port-A-Fort- Credit Reddit

Additionally, this will be the last major patch in season 5. Acting in an nearly identical way to the original Port-a-Fort, this new variant looks monstrously huge, providing you with much more cover than the standard version while building just as quickly. Of course, that doesn't mean the developer won't be bringing fresh items into the mix here and there, as it appears as if the studio is set to add a Port-a-Fortress item to the free-to-play game soon. It also states that players "Toss down the Port-a-Fortress and take defense to new heights", obviously indicating that the Port-A-Fortress will be much beefier and altitudinous than the Port-A-Fort. The rarity upgrade will provide an entire fortress rather than one tower, providing much more cover for players and their team. Upon impact the Grenade spawns a bigger and better version of the fort which is spawned by the current Port-a-Fort.

Epic typically begins advertising these new items in the coming soon section of its news page a couple of days before they launch, so we'll likely see the Port-a-Fortress in this week's patch. In an series of events which seems to be pure luck, Redditor /u/Feralidragon released a concept for a Legendary Port-a-Fort 20 minutes before the Port-a-Fortress announcement. Stay tuned, and while we wait for more news on this week's patch, head down to the comments section and tell us what you think of the Port-a-Fortress.



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