Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Users Suffer Brief Outage

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Users Suffer Brief Outage

Platforms owned by social media giant Facebook were reported to be down in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

According to The Indian Express, the regions that experienced this outage include parts of North America, Northern Africa, and Europe.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram services appeared to have been down leaving users frustrated.

A few users posted on Twitter the error message showed by Facebook on the site.

'We expect this to be resolved shortly.

Facebook users around the world on Monday reported the social network was briefly inaccessible, with many taking to Twitter to voice their frustration. Most of the northeastern region of the USA and some parts of Europe experienced difficulty in logging into the sites.

"Due to a networking issue, the temporary outages occurred", Facebook Inc. said in a statement. On the other hand, some Instagram profiles across the world too seem to have crashed. Make sure you're connected to the internet and try again'. The hashtag #FacebookDown took over on Twitter as people wondered just where they would go to see what their friends cooked at the last barbeque of the year.

Some users said they had read-only access while others were unable to even log in.



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