Donald Trump taunts US media over Barack Obama error

Obama laments ‘broken’ politics in stumping for Ohio Democrats

Obama drew a contrast between Cordray's polite - some say boring - style and the president's.

"You can't just get anxious; you can't just mutter to yourself while you're watching TV; you can't put your head in the sand; you can't just boo; you gotta vote", Obama told the hundreds of supporters gathered inside a gymnasium at the East Professional Center at East 79th Street and Superior Avenue.

Obama was in closely divided OH to campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray, running mate Betty Sutton, U.S. Sen. "We can flip the balance of power back to the American people because you are the only check on bad policy; you are the only real check on abuses of power". Obama said in May 2008.

The Cleveland rally comes less than a week after Obama's fiery rebuke to Trump in that IL speech, calling the 2018 elections a "pivotal moment" with "dire" consequences for the country.

Republican Gov. John Kasich (KAY'-sik) is term-limited, and Democrats hope to seize back control of the office for their party, which is out of power at every level of OH government.

Cordray formerly worked for the Obama administration as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat who is up for re-election this cycle in a seat the party must hold if it has any chance of wresting control of the U.S. Senate back from Republicans in 2018. "He just did it", Obama said.

Obama has been trying to make the case that the country has reached a pivotal point, exhorting Democrats and independents to vote in the November elections to reject the policies and behavior of Trump and his Republican allies. Donald Trump headlining a state Republican Party dinner that evening.

"He didn't go around trying to take credit for it", Obama said.

National Democrats are optimistic that the mild-mannered Cordray can do just that.

During his speech in Cleveland, Obama lauded Cordray's work at the CFPB, including enforcement actions against banks and other institutions that he said had secured $12 billion in recoveries for consumers.

Ahead of Obama's visit to OH, a GOP spokesperson called the former president's speech last week an "insult". "Ohioans are happy with the direction we're headed under strong Republican leadership", RNC spokesperson Mandi Merritt wrote in a statement Wednesday.

At the time, President Trump characterized the agency as a "total disaster" under Cordray.



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