Death toll rises to 31 as Hurricane Florence continues to RAVAGE US

North Carolina

People in North Carolina and SC are coping with flooding, closed roads and power outages as what the National Hurricane Center now calls Post-Tropical Cyclone Florence moves toward the northeast.

Meanwhile, more than 485,000 customers in North Carolina and more than 16,000 in SC don't have electricity, according to CNN.

The rain finally stopped and the sun peeked through, but North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper warned that dangerously high water would persist for days. Mayor Dana Outlaw said the city was hit by a three-meter (10 feet) storm surge at the height of the hurricane Friday.

Disaster assistance teams from the Tri-State area and across the country are pitching in to help.

Speaking with members of the press outside of the Craven County Courthouse, Cooper said state and local governments have to figure out how to rebuild their communities after the destruction of Hurricane Florence.

Thousands of rescues have taken place in the two states and over 650 people were taken to safety in and around Wilmington, North Carolina, said Barbi Baker, a spokeswoman for New Hanover County.

"Please don't make yourself someone who needs to be rescued".

Officials are planning to airlift food and water to Wilmington after the city of almost 120,000 people became cut off from the rest of North Carolina by rising flood water from Florence.

Emergency workers delivered truckloads of food and water to the coastal city of Wilmington, which remains largely cut off from the rest of North Carolina with just one major accessible route. I can see how badly we've been hit.

"In the immediate aftermath of disaster, because of the distress most people experience, they just need reminders of what helps them get through tough times and who is available that they can turn to", he said. We've already pumped out 7,000 gallons.

When evacuating flooded areas, don't rely on Global Positioning System to get you around high waters. "We didn't think it would be that bad". The largest amount so far was in Elizabethtown, which has received 35.93 inches (0.91 meters).

The storm has set rainfall records in several locations in North Carolina, including Swansboro, with a whopping 34 inches, Hoffman Forest with 29.48 inches and Sunny Point with 27.44 inches.

"We had to evacuate. The risk is growing as well in the mountains, where rains could lead to risky landslides", he said.

- Another person died in Pender County, according to the county's emergency management director.

The storm, which slammed the US East Coast last week, has left over 500,000 homes in darkness as rescue efforts are ongoing to provide aid to the stranded people.

Flash floods, landslide warnings and "prolonged significant river flooding" throughout the region will continue for the next few days, the National Weather Service (NWS) said.

Some half a million customers in the Carolinas were still without electricity on Monday, according to emergency officials. He said 4,200 homes were damaged. After some navigation apps or in-car map directions sent people in North Carolina onto roads that got flooded or blocked by debris, Google-owned Waze said it was working with local governments and its own community of volunteer map editors to mark closures of more than 1,300 roads in North Carolina and hundreds more in SC and Virginia.

The number of closed and impassable roads climbed to 1,500 in North Carolina, the U.S. Department of Transportation said.

At the White House, President Donald Trump said nearly 20,000 military personnel and federal workers were deployed to help with the aftermath.



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