Dallas Police Affidavit Contradicts Police Officer's Account of Botham Jean Shooting

Mourners console each other during the public viewing before the funeral of Botham Shem Jean at the Greenville Avenue Church of Christ on Thursday

She claims she entered the wrong flat, mistaking it for her own, thought she was facing an intruder and felt it necessary to discharge her firearm.

Merritt said the district attorney's investigators may be unsure whether Guyger is being forthcoming in her statements and are looking for evidence that will either prove or disprove her version of events. A small amount of marijuana was reportedly turned up, which is now being used in an apparent smear campaign by local authorities working with the local Fox News station to seemingly take the heat off of the Dallas Police Department.

Before the search warrant become public, lawyers representing the Jean family disputed the claim that Jean's apartment door would have been open, as he was an accountant, who was meticulous in his work and life. She said Jean ignored her verbal commands, and she fired two shots, hitting him once in the torso, the affidavit said.

The video shows Dallas police Officer Amber Guyger in handcuffs and dressed in an orange jail uniform Sunday at the Kaufman County jail.

The station interviewed an attorney not connected to the case, who said, "I'm not saying Mr. Jean is a bad guy because he had some marijuana in his apartment, but it could help add some explanation to this insane case".

Guyger is charged with manslaughter and remains free on $300,000 bond.

"Celebrate the life of this young man".

Merritt said the witnesses are sisters who live at the apartment complex.

Laurence Miller, a police psychologist in Boca Raton, Florida, said that based on the current information available, Guyger appears to have "basically followed the procedure for handling a potential deadly force encounter". I want to find out whether her apartment has been searched, whether her vehicle has been searched, and also on the Saturday when we spoke to the Texas Ranger he was saying that there was no reason in his mind that she ought to have been locked up.

Guyger, who was very quick to use her gun in a situation that most definitely did not call for it, often jokes flippantly online about murder and having a quick trigger finger.

Guyger was tested for drugs and alcohol after the incident but the findings of those tests have not been released.

Lee Merritt, Jean's family attorney, said the multiple warrants police issued "highlights just sort of the nefarious nature of their investigation". "I need to go protect myself, '" Whalen said.



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