Chrissy Teigen Says Everyone's Been Pronouncing Her Last Name Wrong!

Chrissy Teigen and Ariana Grande

Chrissy Teigen says people have been mispronouncing her last name for years, and she hasn't corrected them.

The social media queen and model posted a video late Sunday to confirm that both she and her fans have been mispronouncing her last name. "Yep!" her mother can be heard saying in the distance.

The mother-of-two joked: 'I'm exhausted of living this lie. "You know how innocent you have to be to allow a world to pronounce yo last name wrong yo whole life and just go along with it", wrote one Twitter user.

In a recent tweet, the Lip Sync Battle host clarified that it's TIE-gen, not TEE-gen, and that she gave up correcting people "a long time ago".

A fan brought up the fact that Teigen says it wrong, too.

"I even correct people when they say it correctly - it's all V effed up."
Years. I like to kindly assume we all have, because who in their right mind would withhold such game-changing information?

Teigen also admitted that she had begun instinctually adopting the mispronunciation of her name after being worn down over the years.

"I have to keep Grande because my grandpa - I think of him with everything I do and he was so proud of my name".



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