Canada Sheds Jobs in August, Pushing Jobless Rate To 6.0%

Canada Sheds Jobs in August, Pushing Jobless Rate To 6.0%

But it's a different story for B.C., with data released Friday (Sept. 6) from Statistics Canada revealing the province added 9,900 jobs to the labour force compared with the 51,600 jobs lost across Canada.

One year ago, in August 2017, the jobless rate was 5.4 per cent.

Employment fell by 52,000 last month, counteracting almost all of the gains in July and pushing the unemployment rate up 0.2 points to six percent, according to the report.

British Columbia's 5.3 per cent rate in August was the lowest in the country, though that rate was up from five per cent in July. Full-time employment increased 326,000 or 2.2%, while the number of people working part-time declined 154,000 or 4.3%. Saint John gained 500 jobs and its unemployment rate increased only slightly from 5.4 per cent to 5.5 per cent.

(Employment - By the thousands) There were 18,631,000 people employed in Canada in August, a drop of 0.3 percent.

For employee work, the economy lost 38,000 public-sector jobs last month, while the private sector shed 30,700 positions. Market expectations were for an increase in employment of 5,000, according to economists at Royal Bank of Canada.

Ontario bared the brunt of losses in the professional, scientific, technical services industries.

The employment drop last month was fueled by a loss of 92,000 part-time positions - but on the positive side the number of full-time jobs rose by 40,400.



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