California Approves Goal for 100 Percent Clean Energy

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"Today California sends an unmistakable message to the nation and the world: Regardless of who occupies the White House, California will always lead on climate change", state Sen.

Senate Bill 100 requires the state to get its energy from clean sources such as solar, wind and hydropower, and eliminate fossil fuels from its electric grid.

As the Trump administration rolls back federal efforts to combat climate change, California has actively pursued a leading role in the worldwide fight against global warming.

"It's not going to be easy and will not be immediate, but it must be done", Brown said.

Not everyone is satisfied with Gov. Since 2010, California has procured more than 1,500 MW of new energy storage capacity; North American energy users and utilities have collectively procured over 2 GW of advanced energy storage projects to date.

Some environmentalists are pushing Brown to end new drilling permits.

People from all over the world are gathering this week in San Francisco for @GCAS2018. "But it must be done", Brown said at a signing ceremony in Sacramento.

Emissions are falling. Since 2004, as renewable energy has boomed, California's greenhouse gas emissions have dropped by 13 percent, even as the economy has grown by 26 percent over the same time.

Some business groups are also critical of the legislation, saying it sets impossible targets and could increase electric bills.

Given his past history in advocating for renewable energy and environmental policies, it is unsurprising Governor Brown acted so quickly in signing this bill into law. Also on September 10, Brown also issued an executive order establishing a new target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. Electricity is responsible for 16 percent of California's greenhouse gas emissions.

Brown's order is part of a package aimed at reducing California's reliance on fossil fuels. Kevin de León (D), sets a 100 percent clean electricity goal for the state by 2045.

The three-day Global Climate Action Summit, which kicks off Wednesday, will see hundreds of cities, regions and companies worth hundreds of billions pledge to run on solar or wind power within a few decades.

California's governor has signed a bill setting a 100% clean energy goal for the state and issued an executive order setting a target to achieve carbon neutrality, both by 2045.

In addition to that target, the legislation establishes benchmarks, requiring energy service providers to generate 50 percent of power from renewable resources by 2026 and 60 percent by 2030. That's 10 percent higher than the current mandate.

In 2017, California's zero-carbon sources - including nuclear, large hydroelectric and other renewable generation - accounted for more than 56 percent of total in-state generation of electricity.



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