Brexit minister Raab: No EU deal, no settlement

Dominic Raab will meet Michel Barnier on Thursday

The UK also faces being shut out of the Galileo satellite programme, its ships being forced to provide security information before docking, and requiring new auto safety certificates under a "no deal" scenario. A chaotic exit in March would sap the UK's "economic, fiscal and institutional strength", cause a fall in the pound and hit key industries.

But the government said it would legislate to ensure that the requirements on mobile operators to apply a financial limit on mobile data usage while overseas is retained in United Kingdom law.

"I think there has to be a shift across the board in the EU's approach and they're going to have to meet us halfway".

That means that the European regulation that bans roaming charges will not automatically be part of United Kingdom law, so British mobile operators might be able to reintroduce the charges.

This in turn means that manufacturers will have less incentive to sell EVs in Britain, according to Government documents discussing the impacts of a no-deal exit from the EU.

After March 29, 2019 - when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union - drivers may be required to use an worldwide driving permit (IDP) in Europe, as is now required when driving in some countries outside of the continent. "But, in a no-deal scenario, we can't control the EU's response to United Kingdom goods going the other way".

"What we have said is we would like to see other companies following suit, but, in any event, we would legislate for a limit on roaming charges to make sure in a no-deal scenario that we protect British consumers".

Mr Raab told BBC Radio 4's Today programme two mobile operators, Vodafone and Three, had publicly agreed not to bring back roaming charges for British citizens. An IDP may also be required for United Kingdom drivers hiring vehicles when in the EU. Without an adequacy decision from the European Commission allowing data transfer between the EU and United Kingdom, companies should "consider assisting your EU partners in identifying a legal basis for those transfers".

On passports, there have been warnings that Britons traveling overseas with less than six months to expiry could be stopped at the border of an European Union member state, when they would previously have been let through.

In the event of no deal being struck with the alliance of European states, the government has admitted the United Kingdom would lose access to the encrypted Public Regulated Service (PRS), which will upset the military.



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