Brett Kavanaugh, "I Like Beer": Twitter Reactions and Memes

Kavanaugh wrongly claims he could drink legally in Md

Kavanaugh responded. He went on to apologize later on.

"You're asking about blackout, I don't know, have you?" He later apologized to Klobuchar.

Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, had a stand-off during the contentious public hearing surrounding the allegations from Christine Blasey Ford, a professor who claims Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were teenagers in the 1980s. The federal judge's drinking habits were under the microscope: Ford alleges Kavanaugh was visibly intoxicated during the assault, and a wealth of evidence indicates he traveled in hard-drinking social circles in high school and college.

"So drinking is one thing, but the concern is about truthfulness", Klobuchar said. "But I did not drink beer to the point of blacking out, and I never sexually assaulted anyone". "It's a tough process, I am sorry about that", Kavanaugh said.

While he admitted in his congressional testimony that there were probably occasions during his time at Georgetown Prep that he had consumed "too many beers", a combative Kavanaugh denied he had ever gotten out of control or acted inappropriately toward women.

"Could you answer the question judge?" Klobuchar continued. "That's not happened, that's your answer?"

"My friends and I sometimes got together and had parties on weekends", he said in his opening statement. People have drinking problems in lots of families, Klobuchar said. In fact, he was never legal in high school because the state's drinking age increased to 21 at the end of his junior year, while he was still 17. Roche said he was inclined to believe Ramirez and thought Kavanaugh was capable of behaving that way. When she asked Kavanaugh whether he had ever blacked out from drinking, he asked if she ever had.

"You should look at what I said. you should assess his credibility with that in mind", Kavanaugh said.

Klobuchar even tried to offer some empathy to Kavanaugh.

The questioning had begun cordially, with Kavanaugh thanking Klobuchar for the meeting they had and for her handling of a prior hearing. "I'm sorry about that".

"I started my last colliloquy by saying to Senator Klobuchar how much I respect her and what she said at the last hearing".



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