Breathtaking Space Photos Showcase Hurricane Florence

WATCH: Space Station's view of Hurricane Florence looks eerily apocalyptic

"Ever stared down the gaping eye of a category 4 hurricane", Gerst asked on Twitter. The European Space Agency's astronaut, the German Alexander Gerst, called the hurricane a "no-kidding nightmare".

NASA shared photos Wednesday showing the unsafe storm from the International Space Station.

NASA also posted an incredible video of Hurricane Florence viewed from space. It's chilling, even from space. The hurricane, which has been upgraded to a category 4, is expected to pummel the coastlines of SC and North Carolina in the coming days, with the National Hurricane Center warning of a "life-threatening storm surge" as well as catastrophic flash flooding.

In another image tweeted by Gerst on Wednesday (one of which was NASA's "Image of the Day") the seriousness of the storm can be clearly seen.

Photo station published on its website.

On Wednesday, at the moment of the US National Hurricane Center announcement, Hurricane Florence was at about 335 miles (540 kilometers) away off the US East Coast, more specifically, right at the southeast of Wilmington, North Carolina.

It is estimated that the wind speed in the eye of the hurricane reaches more than 200 kilometers per hour. Fellow astronaut, Ricky Arnold, also took photos Hurricane Florence from space, while sounding out that the crew members of the International Space Station are thinking of the people who will be affected.

Those warily staring at Florence grasp in contrast it to Hurricanes Fran and Hugo, which pummeled North Carolina and SC, respectively, more than two decades ago.



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