Bob Woodward tangles with the mendacity of Trumpworld

Gary Cohn right White House policy adviser Stephen Miller left and Rob Porter back walk toward the White House after arriving on Marine One in January

"To be clear, a number of the statements attributed to me and from others to me in the Woodward book are incorrect". Woodward is an American from IL who is best known for helping to uncover the Watergate scandal that ended Richard Nixon's presidency.

But while Trump continues to insist privately that he wants leakers punished - in particular, the author of an unsigned New York Times opinion piece - it remained unclear if his administration would mete out any discipline.

Veteran reporter and author Bob Woodward will discuss his new book, "Fear: Trump in the White House", with Dana Perino Wednesday at 2:00pm ET on The Daily Briefing. And we won't even delve into the part of Woodward's book that reveals Cohn's daughter had a swastika painted on her dorm room door after Charlottesville, mostly because we can hardly process how Gary stayed on after that, and also because we've said our peace on that.

Trump then told Cohn that he wouldn't pick him to be Fed chair, according to the book. He added: "I would have been happy to correct them if Mr". Although Trump has defended Mattis against Woodward's insinuations, the pressure to replace Mattis with another more hawkish defense secretary is still ongoing.

Woodward described Cohn as "astounded" that Trump didn't realize that issuing bonds to borrow money would increase the national debt.

The host then pointed out that Wolff's and Woodward's books are entirely different and need to responded in a different manner because the latter has written more than half a dozen books on the past presidencies.

Asked if Trump is still a credible voice, Sanders insisted he was: "Absolutely".

Bob Woodward thinks we have a lot to worry about. "But in the end, President Trump is the one who decides, and he has shown himself more than capable of doing so". Porter, who exited the White House after allegations of domestic violence became public, says he was tasked with ensuring that "pros and cons were evaluated" on policy proposals and other decisions.

In his book, he claims that Donald Trump was ignored by his Defence Secretary after telling him to "f****** kill" Syrian president Bashar al-Assad following the chemical attack on civilians previous year.

Woodward's book paints Cohn in glowing terms, pointing to his heroic attempts to rein in the president's agenda and threat to resign in the wake of the Charlottesville protests.

Woodward said Trump acknowledged some of the material he said would be in the book, but also denied "a great deal" of it.

But can he say whether his current work will play a similar role in Trump's political future?

"Fear" is scheduled for release Tuesday morning.



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