Apple Watch Series 4: Pre-Order Today, Redesign, Price Hike, New Features

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During the event Wednesday, Apple claimed the new watch model will represent the first "over-the-counter" consumer ECG testing device.

The last time I interviewed Vic Gundotra was some six years ago, back when he was still the top executive at Google's not yet ghost town of a social network, Google+, and he was as Google-y as you'd expect about how fantastic and wonderful it was going to be. The ECG measures the heart's rhythm and can detect the presence of atrial fibrillation. Despite the negative reviews about the almost unchanged iPhone, the new generation of the Apple Watch Series 4 pleased critics of modern innovations, as in the new version of the gadget is equipped with special sensors able to record the electrocardiogram of man. Apple is going a step beyond, actually detecting when something is wrong before you even know it. The smartphone app that the Watch 4 works with was able to identify more than 98 percent of the patients with AFib and more than 99 percent of the patients with healthy heart rates.

Apple also discontinued four phones and dropped mention of an expected wireless charging device from its website. Despite the larger cases with the Apple Watch Series 4, you will be able to use bands you've purchased for use with existing and older Apple Watch models.

Gartner analyst Tuong Nguyen said the feature could turn smartwatches "from something people buy for prestige into something they buy for more practical reasons".

"A new workout API simplifies workout app development, ensures improved data accuracy, and enables more robust app performance".

In fact, the ECG app is only coming to America later this year, with other countries offering a bit of a question mark at this time.

For example, Apple Watch now has fall detection.

If you're looking to upgrade to a new Apple Watch Series 4, switch between aluminum or stainless steel, or simply aren't using your Watch anymore and want to find it a new home, selling it can help you earn back some cash. If the wearer remains inactive and doesn't respond, the watch will contact emergency services as well as their emergency contacts. At the same time, Apple has increased prices on all its new launches- iPhone X and iPhone XS Max.

Apple says it monitored some 2,500 people - measuring how they fell off ladders, missed a step while walking or got their legs caught in their trousers while getting dressed.

Which size of the Apple Watch Series 4 should you get?



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