Andrew Luck admits he suffered injury while snowboarding

Andrew Luck Colts

Shawn Williams, a defensive back for the Bengals, has been ejected from this afternoon's game against the Colts for a dirty hit on Andrew Luck.

From one of the league's top young QBs to a complete injury risk at every turn, Luck can not be too careful now. Most people dismissed the idea due to poor sourcing, but Luck told Ian Rapoport of NFL Media that he suffered an AC joint sprain while snowboarding in the winter of 2016.

During his last full season on the field in 2016, Luck threw 20 touchdown passes and zero picks in the red zone, meaning the interception against the Bengals was Luck's first red zone pick since 2015.

Luck missed the entire 2017 season as a result of the procedure to fix the labrum tear.

"I think it looked worse than it felt", Luck said. "I went back, rehabbed it with the Colts".

When it happened, Luck called the Colts immediately and was honest about it. I've had a bunch of AC sprains, both left and right shoulder, and resolved that issue.

Luck, who celebrates his 29th birthday on Wednesday, said none of the doctors he's visited believe the AC strain affected his labrum recovery. "But the labrum has been my issue, was my issue, what I worked through, what I got surgery on". It stinks when you can't do something.



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