Amazon is reportedly baking Alexa into a microwave this year

Amazon plans to release at least 8 new Alexa devices, including a microwave oven and in-car gadget

Amazon is about to add its popular voice assistant Alexa to more than half a dozen new products - devices that range from a microwave oven to an in-car gadget, all of which will reportedly be unveiled at a company event later this month.

The upcoming product roster includes home entertainment gear like an amplifier, a receiver, and a subwoofer.

Some of the devices will have Alexa built in, while others will be able to connect to the voice assistant.

According to the report, Amazon is expected to reveal at least some of the devices later this month.

If these new devices are launched, it would be Amazon's first foray into the home appliances market, and will place it in direct competition with the likes of Sonos, GE and Garmin who already offer Alexa-enabled products for the home and vehicle.

Amazon's voice-activated assistant Alexa has a significant presence in consumers' homes, thanks to the robust ecosystem of developers and manufacturers who are incorporating Alexa into their devices. Garmin also has an Alexa-compatible dash cam that can be used in the vehicle.

Amazon didn't immediately reply to a request for comment.

Amazon may decide to launch an entirely separate line dedicated to Alexa-equipped home devices, separate from the Echo line.

Both companies face competition from Apple, which released its Siri-powered HomePod smart speaker earlier this year.

The online retailer is working on eight new Alexa-powered gadgets, CNBC reported, citing "people familiar with the matter". Sonos, for example, has a similar business model, as it said in its quarterly filing that it relies on "custom installers of home audio systems for a significant portion of our sale".

Amazon is already aware about this.

It previously announced a partnership with home construction company Lennar to include two Echo speakers in new homes and offered at-home visits from Amazon technicians.

Voice assistants have slowly spread from smartphones and smart speakers, landing on computers, cars and much more.



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