Air scare: Passenger onboard Jet Airways flight narrates the entire ordeal

After Jet Airways Passengers Bleed Mid-Air Doctors Say Few May Suffer'Mild Deafness

In a major lapse, Jet Airways had to turn back shortly on Thursday morning after passengers suffer through the nose and ear bleeding allegedly over a freaky mistake by the crew.

Several passengers on a Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to Jaipur Thursday suffered nasal and ear bleeding due to cabin pressure problem, a senior official said.

As the Jet Airways Mumbai-Jaipur flight climbed, oxygen masks deployed from overhead compartments and the crew announced that the flight would return to Mumbai due to loss of cabin pressure.

Passenger Darshak Hath said there has also been issues with the plane's air conditioning after it took off from Mumbai.

India's Ministry of Civil Aviation said in a tweet it had sought an "immediate report" from official agencies.

Speaking to media, the spokesperson also said the aircraft, with 166 passengers and 5 crew landed normally in Mumbai and all passengers were deplaned safely.

Video footage shows the moment oxygen masks were released after the cabin lost pressure.

Fellow passenger Satish Nair share a selfie while bleeding from the nose.

Jet Airways passenger Satish Nair wears an oxygen mask, September 20, 2018.

Passengers on a Jet Airways flight travelling from Mumbai to Jaipur today morning had a traumatic experience due to the irresponsibility of the crew.

Left with no options, the Jet Airways had to return to its origin as one passenger needed to be hospitalised. As the Boeing 737 began to climb, it became clear that the cabin was not pressurized.

Jet Airways said it has derostered the concerned cockpit crew who will remain off scheduled duties pending an investigation.

Ankur Kala, who suffered nasal bleeding in the incident, alleged that the flight crew members were like "trainees" who did not know how to handle the situation. All passengers are safe including me.



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