Trump tweets about the media in wake of #freepress push

Alexander Hong  Staff

More than 300 newspapers - in major metropolitan areas and small towns and in red states and blue - wrote editorials denouncing Trump's attacking the news media as "the enemy of the people".

Almost 350 newspaper and other organisations are thought to have published a co-ordinated series of editorials condemning the US President's attacks on "fake news".

Marjorie Pritchard, the deputy managing editor of the Globe who oversees the paper's editorial page, first called on newspapers earlier this month to publish editorials pushing back against the president's rhetoric toward the media, which she dubbed a "dirty war".

"The true enemies of the people - and democracy - are those who try to suffocate truth by vilifying and demonizing the messenger", wrote the Des Moines Register in Iowa. Donald Trump is not the first U.S. president to attack the press or to feel unfairly treated by it.

The Boston Globe, which set the campaign in motion by urging the unified voice, had estimated that some 350 newspapers would participate. The Chicago Sun-Times said it believed most Americans know that Trump is talking nonsense.

In fact, Trump has used the term "fake news" in 292 tweets since December 2016, according to the Twitter Archive.

Even the New York Post - the conservative-leaning daily owned by News Corp titan and Trump friend Rupert Murdoch - published an editorial of its own.

"To label the press "the enemy of the people" is as un-American as it is risky to the civic compact we have shared for more than two centuries", the Boston Globe wrote in its editorial.

"If you haven't already, please subscribe to your local papers", said the Times, whose opinion section also summarized other editorials across the country.

The Globe says it's appealing to editorial boards to take a stand regardless of their politics and whether they generally editorialize for or against the president's policies.

Mr Freeman wrote that the president has the right to free speech as much as his media adversaries.



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