Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Hands On: Playing It Safe

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The curtains have finally been pulled back on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and this time around, the tech giant has put the battery back in the spotlight.

Things kick off in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn at 11:00 EDT (that's 16:00 BST), and watching the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2018 live stream is the best way to get the lowdown on this flagship handset as soon as possible.

Owners of Samsung's Galaxy devices can join the beta "right now", Sweeney said.

Naturally, a big Fortnite Mobile reveal during the Note 9 launch is still to be expected, however, thanks to this leaked footage it now appears that the timed exclusive could very well be for all Samsung Galaxy devices, or at least the most recent ones, with phones like the Galaxy S9 and Note 8, as well as Galaxy Tab S3 tablet potentially also getting in on the Fortnite Mobile action. Note that Samsung says stocks are limited, so you may want to hurry.

The Galaxy Note 9 brings a lot to the table compared to even the Galaxy Note 8, but Samsung has chose to go with a similar price tag for its new device.

The Note 9 camera uses AI to identify what's in the shot and adjust the lighting and colors accordingly. And with the microSD expansion option, you can bring that up to a total of 1TB. DeX mode will simply turn on when you connect an HDMI to USB-C adapter to the Note 9 and any monitor.

While the familiar design might not turn many heads, the performance of the Note 9 remains top-of-the-line.

The live stream event for the Galaxy Unpacked showcase begins at 4pm United Kingdom time, and you can watch it on YouTube, Samsung's website or on Twitter.

Samsung may have played it safe with the Galaxy Note 9, but this isn't exactly unexpected. The Note 9 ships from August 24, and will show up in stores from the same date.

Fortnite is sure to become popular on Android as it is on every other platform, but this Note 9 deal from Samsung is sure to be a compelling offer for anyone looking to stand out from the herd. Alternatively, you can get both the headphones and the V-bucks for paying $99 on top of the phone. After all, Samsung claims an all-day battery life with the Note 9.

Laura Simeonova, an analyst covering mobile phones and IoT for CCS Insight, said that while Samsung's hardcore, loyal fan base for the Note will see the new features as enticing "Samsung will be wary of comparisons with the launch of the S9 portfolio and accusations of less underwhelming improvements on previous models".

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