Samantha Markle slams Meghan as 'inhumane', warns 'Prince Harry is next'

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The Duchess of Sussex's father says he was "upset" by the Prince's tirade and though he says Harry was "absolutely right" to scold him, he thought the timing of the phone call was "rude", The Daily Mail reports.

The British royal family is reportedly on a mission to put an end to a damaging series of frank and embarrassing interview appearances by Meghan Markle's father - but it's clearly not working.

When Kate was 13, she appeared in a school play where a fortune-teller told her she would one day meet a man named William who would take her to London. Instead, he told the prince he was being "measured for a hoodie".

Markle has given at least three other interviews since the royal wedding in May, in which he said he talked to Harry about domestic violence and Donald Trump, blamed the royal family for Meghan's "pained smile," described his daughter as having a "sense of superiority", and threatened to "unload" on the royals.

The rant continued, with Markle Jr saying, "They say blood is thicker than water, but perhaps the blue blood of the royals now runs through Meg's veins".

Harry's father, Prince Charles, walked Meghan down the aisle instead.

Now, in a brand new interview, Thomas alleges he lied to Prince Harry about the photos at the time, telling him they weren't staged. "I think she will be going as soon as possible", a friend of Ragland's, who of course could not be named, apparently told Express.

Amid the family drama, Meghan, who just celebrated her 37th birthday, and Harry remain busy with engagements and enjoying some vacation time.

Mr Markle responded, "Maybe it would be better for you guys if I was dead. then you could pretend to be sad". "I'm not mad at Harry".

Doria is also said to have been impressed by the royal family, including the Queen, when she met them during her trip to the United Kingdom for Meghan's wedding.

He did not attend the wedding due to health issues and has since claimed his plan to make a speech at the wedding wasn't "allowed". I love them. I wish them well.

Markle, father of Meghan Markle, told the Mail on Sunday that he was in hospital recovering from a heart attack prior to his daughter's wedding when Prince Harry called.

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