Republicans won't budge on Kavanaugh documents amid Dem accusations of hiding records

Kavanaugh tells senators Mueller’s appointment was appropriate report

"It seems to me like early September would be the earliest" for hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee, the panel's chairman Chuck Grassley told the Hugh Hewitt Show. "In the end, the committee will have reviewed significantly more records than ever before for a Supreme Court nominee".

Asked at a news conference Thursday why the GOP wasn't interested in those records to understand Kavanaugh's role in the contentious 2005 interrogation debate, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, an Iowa Republican, said such requests were aimed at "delaying the confirmation of Kavanaugh".

Many Democratic senators have refused to meet with Judge Kavanaugh until nearly a million pages of documents related to his time working for the Bush administration are released. In response, Bush representative William Burck wrote a letter to Schumer this week saying that the former president has requested a "thorough review" of documents, with representatives from three major law firms vetting the records before they're turned over to Congress.

Sen. Grassley had requested the Archive's review of Kavanaugh's documents from his time in the Bush White House be completed by August 15, but a letter sent by its general counsel said they expect to produce the estimated 900,000 pages of relevant material "by the end of October". And Democrats are already citing the Archives' delayed timeline to cry foul on the process. Having to examine that many documents would only delay the process at the request of a lot of senators who aren't voting for Kavanaugh anyway, he said.

Democrats wrote to the National Archives requesting a broad set of the documents, using a letter with almost the same language that was sent by both parties in 2010 seeking documentation about Obama's nominee Elena Kagan.

It takes a lot to get Sen. "We don't know what they've held back, or why". He said he could not reach an agreement with Feinstein over the scope of the documents request.

"Those are documents that presumably our colleagues have looked at, but they haven't found much in it to build a case against the nominee so now they've chose to take it down a different path, which I believe is more of a stall tactic than anything else", said Tillis.

Hoeven's office said he'll meet with Kavanaugh Wednesday afternoon.

"The committee will receive documents in an even more rapid fashion from the Bush Library as the Archives continues its statutory document review", spokesman Taylor Foy said in a statement. "(Patrick) Leahy as historic", continued Tillis.

Tom Williams via Getty Images Republican Senate Judiciary Committee members standing with boxes representing roughly 1 million pages of documents on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. I will support his nomination to the Supreme Court this fall. "I'm sick and exhausted of it to be honest with you".

Before Garland's nomination was announced, Hatch called the judge a "fine man" and "consensus nominee" who would be confirmed for sure.



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