Omarosa’s White House recordings fuel Trump woes

Ex-White House staff Omarosa Manigault releases tape of her firing

It might help President Donald Trump in the public eye if he meets with special counsel Robert Mueller to answer questions about Russian Federation and the 2016 election, but as a legal matter, it's hard to tell the goal a meeting would hold, Rep. Pete King said Monday.

Manigault Newman also speculates about the "pussy bow" blouse Melania wore at one of the presidential debates in 2016, which took place right after the leak of the notorious "Access Hollywood" tape in which Trump made lewd comments about women. On Sunday, she released an audio recording between her and White House chief of staff John Kelly inside the Situation Room, sparking security concerns for officials who are bound by an honor-code not to bring recording devices aboard the secure facility.

She says Mr Trump offered her £12,000 a month to serve in a "senior position" on his 2020 re-election campaign, but only if she signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Trump has long denied being racist and has dismissed a claim made by Manigault Newman that he used a racial slur on the set of "The Apprentice".

According to a sample of the agreement provided to Secrets, she was required to keep proprietary information about the president, his companies or his family confidential and to never "disparage" the Trump family "during the term of your service and at all times thereafter."...

In recent days, Manigault Newman has released audio of her firing by Kelly and of a call from Trump in which he says he did not know about her dismissal.

She lasted shy of one year, getting escorted off White House grounds in December 2017.

Not so, said the president in a tweet on Monday.

In another tweet, Trump said he chided Manigault Newman to counter "fake news", the moniker he uses for a majority of the legacy media outlets.

Although the president continues to tweet about the controversy, Sanders blamed the media for covering and giving a "large platform" to Omarosa, who she refused to name throughout the briefing and simply referred to as "an individual" in her responses. She paints a White House portrait that's disturbing, dysfunctional, even dire - though hardly original.

Responding on NBC, Manigault Newman said, "I think it's sad that with all the things that's going on in the country that he would take time out to insult me and to insult my intelligence".

A feud between the two has escalated as Mrs Newman promotes a new book that is very critical of him.

"I will not be intimidated", she told the AP.

In the recording with Kelly, which Manigault Newman quotes extensively in her new book, Kelly can be heard saying that he wants to talk with her about leaving the White House.

During an appearance Monday night on Fox News, Pierson denied having had a conversation about alleged Trump tape. And Omarosa's credibility hasn't been helped by some television interviews promoting her book Unhinged that have seemed frankly rather befitting of that title.



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