Lombok hit by another strong quake

Death toll jumps to 347 in 6.9 Indonesia earthquake – report

Less than a week after a massive natural disaster killed 259 people on the Indonesian island of Lombok, a 5.9 magnitude tremor hit the region on Thursday, sending frightened residents onto the streets.

Earthquakes continue to rock the eastern Indonesia island of Lombok with more than 340 people reportedly dead, while poor infrastructure is frustrating efforts to get relief to isolated communities in the centre and highlands of the island.

The death toll from a devastating 6.9-magnitude natural disaster in Indonesia's Lombok island has risen to at least 321, according to officials.

Already weakened structured were seen crumbling under pressure as the island fends off a humanitarian crisis, with thousands having been left homeless and in desperate need of clean water, food, medicine and shelter. It also reported a 5.4-magnitude quake at 2.21am on Tuesday, close to the site of Sunday's 6.9-magnitude quake.

Because of the magnitude of the natural disaster, a large amount of telecommunications infrastructure in Lombok was damaged, but this did not affect the network and range of Net1 Indonesia 4G LTE. The agency says it is has not verified these other figures but expects the toll to climb.

Rescue workers were still digging through rubble and trying to reach survivors of Sunday's natural disaster.

President Jokowi has said he would leave for Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), to visit the victims of the Lombok quake next week.

Officials and organisations including the military, the governor of the province that includes Lombok, the national search and rescue agency and the regent of North Lombok have issued different death tolls, ranging from 226 to 381. He said the agency has sent 20 water trucks to five remote areas, including one village of about 1,200 households.

Across much of the island, a popular tourist destination, once-bustling villages have been turned into virtual ghost towns.

Evacuees in some encampments say they are running out of food, while others are suffering psychological trauma after the 6.9-magnitude quake, which struck just one week after another tremor surged through the island and killed 17.

According to authorities, more than 156,000 people have been displaced and tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed, BBC reports.

'People are always saying they need water and tarps, ' he said, adding they were also looking for people with untreated injuries.



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