Israeli strike kills at least two Palestinians at Hamas site in Gaza

Watch: Two Hamas Terrorists Dead as Israel Returns Fire from Gaza

On Tuesday, the Israel Defense Forces used tank fire against a Hamas military post in northern Gaza in response to the shooting at Israeli troops from there.

The incident comes as the United Nations and Egypt continue to try to broker a deal for a lasting ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, which dominates Gaza.

Israel's security cabinet discussed the proposal on Sunday, but afterwards ministers said only that the Israeli military was "prepared for any scenario". The video then cuts to separate footage of a shell hitting the post and an explosion.

Sources confirmed that Murjan and al-Silawi were members of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement.

Two ships which had sailed from Europe to break the illegal siege on Gaza were captured by Israel last week. At least 160 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire, including at least 120 in protests near the border fence. Hamas denies this. Palestinians militants have also fired rockets into Israel and the Israeli military has carried out dozens of air strikes in the enclave. Israel has said they only opened fire in self-defence or on people trying to infiltrate its territory.

Tensions between Israel and Gaza have escalated since weekly border protests started on March 30, which left more than 150 Palestinians dead and 17,500 others injured, according to statistics released by the Gaza Health Ministry.

The report noted that the Israeli violations against Palestinian information freedoms increased sharply compared to the same period previous year which witnessed 127 violations.



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