HUD implements nationwide smoking ban in public housing

NYCHA tenants already dealing with lead paint and toxic mold now hit with smoking ban

A nationwide ban on smoking in public housing facilities goes into effect on Tuesday, July 31. It doesn't, however, govern any of the other mixed-income housing properties that FWHS owns.

"By working collaboratively with public housing agencies, HUD's rule will create healthier homes for all of our families and prevent devastating and costly smoking-related fires".

"Smoking actually damages the units, whether it's the paint or the cabinets", he said.

The ban prohibits smoking tobacco products in all indoor common areas, administrative offices, living units and outdoor areas within 25 feet of the buildings.

The rule applies to cigarettes, cigars, pipes and hookahs. NYCHA and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene officials launched the new smoke-free policy Monday morning.

"It's kind of controlling a little bit".

The policy was announced two years ago by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, but the agency gave the nation's more than 3,300 local public housing authorities almost two years to begin enforcement. "Them trying to tell you you can't smoke in your apartment or wherever", Tequita Brown said.

"I feel like.what about on your porch?" They could face eviction if they are caught smoking three times. Jim Alpi, the executive director of the city's housing authority, said they've had to come up a policy for more than 400 homes.

The Housing and Urban Development website's guide for local housing authorities includes strict procedures.



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