Google will share your location and your battery status, how about that?

Sharing your location in Google Maps will now include your device's battery life

The recipient will receive a link that they can open in Google Maps or a web browser.

In February, Android Police did an update about Google Maps v9.71 beta and this new was seen.

The new battery feature is probably meant as a tool to help users identify if friends are safe and well, as well as a way of knowing how much life might be left in a lost phone, although Google has not commented directly on the feature.

Google has quietly updated its location sharing feature in Google Maps, including details that might calm your friends and family's fears if you suddenly disappear from the map.

This safety measure could put worries at ease for users concerned why they haven't heard from a friend - possibly because their phone died - and now users can check. It's not clear if you can turn the battery life indicator off if you don't want to share that information.

When a location has been shared, you'll see that there's now a battery icon between the distance and the time since the location was shared, as first spotted by Android Police.

The other India-specific feature being tested now for the Google Maps is the real-time bus transit information tool.

Click on location sharing from the menu. At that time we were expecting that it will provide a user with approximate battery levels. Similarly, you can also infer why their phone isn't reachable.

The battery status is something which would go automatically with the directions. Ghosh and his team have been building Google Maps to make Maps app more comprehensive, accurate and reliable.

Having as much helpful information as possible continues to be a considered goal for the teams working on Google Maps, as indicative of the app's latest new addition.



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