Do you use Amazon Alexa to buy stuff? Report suggests 'no'

Answer Update lets Alexa get back to you when she's stumped

That's due to a multitude of factors, one of them being that whenever Alexa is unable to return an Amazon's Choice product - the line of products it chooses via an undisclosed method - it is likely to recite a belaboured string of search-optimised garbage. But it doesn't appear to be working, according to a report in the Information on Monday.

Interestingly, the prompt will trigger only when users ask Alexa a factual question it didn't have an answer to previously. Alexa has already some set of nifty skills which make it pretty useful. It is a surprisingly low engagement rate, though Amazon did sell in the neighborhood of 50 million Alexa devices.

When the buyer's money is on a stake, the inability of the smart assistants to allow the users quickly browse through the mechanics of switching between payment options shipping and order or to let the users see the product in question doesn't sound great at all.

We've all been there: Your boss asks you a question and you don't have the answer.

Per the Information, Alexa skill developer Jo Jaquinta told the site that he generally views building third-party skills into the smart assistant as a promotional tool for brands, not a direct-sales strategy. In fact, so far this year, only about 2% of consumers made a purchase with their voice commands.

So what could be holding Amazon's potentially-lucrative Alexa sales back?

As if the Amazon and Whole Foods marriage could get even cozier, the shopping behemoth just added a new feature to the mix: You can now use Alexa to compile your grocery list, and if you if you have Prime Now, use the speaker to place your order to get delivered within two hours. "The trend in voice-activated services is growing and for this reason we want to make it available to our customers". But this issue is one of the main drawbacks of the device, making you feel like it's not as smart and useful as Amazon claims it is.



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