Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones banned from Twitter

Twitter suspends Alex Jones for a week for inciting violence

Alex Jones himself has posted a video explaining himself via the official Infowars Twitter account, reiterating that he did not threaten the media and calling the story a "hoax".

Apple removed most of Jones's podcasts, AFP confirmed, after the action was initially reported by Buzzfeed.

So, Jones can only browse but not post on Twitter for seven days, but he can continue to use the Periscope video platform, which is owned by Twitter.

The company said that Jones, who runs the website InfoWars, violated a Twitter policy and was required to delete an offending tweet in which he told his listeners to get "battle rifles" ready.

Twitter is citing Jones for a tweet linking to a live video of Jones talking about "web censorship".

Apparently, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey thinks the best way to deal with Alex Jones is to treat him like a 5-year-old.

Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Apple banned Jones's accounts and products from their various services on 6 August following the media backlash.

In a tweet after NBC published excerpts of the interview, Dorsey clarified that he was "speaking broadly about our range of enforcement actions, when asked why we timeout functionality on Twitter".

The conspiracy theorist also faces five lawsuits for defamation, ranging from accusing relatives of Sandy Hook shooting victims of making up the attack to accusing a man of perpetrating a shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Jones is still posting on Infowars.

Major tech companies have faced criticism for providing a platform for false news reports, particularly in the lead-up to the 2016 election.



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