Best meteor shower of 2018 visible over Middle TN this weekend

This Weekend Is The Perseid Meteor Show - Viewing Conditions Will Be Perfect

-Focus your attention on the constellations Cassiopeia and Perseus as this is where the meteors will be shooting.

This year we can expect 60 to 70 meteors per hour with up to 100 meteors per hour at times.

The annual Perseid Meteor Shower is peaking this weekend over Mid-Michigan! The meteor shower will peak this year on August 12th to get out and enjoy the view while you can.

Just lean back and observe as much sky overhead as possible. If that's accurate, it means that if you can see the stars of the Big Dipper, you should be able to see numerous Perseid meteors, astronomer Steven Bellavia from Brookhaven National Laboratory told Gizmodo. The best viewing times are a few hours after twilight, up until dawn, on days surrounding the peak. When the Earth approaches the stream of debris, the Perseid meteor shower appears. When the pieces of debris heat up as they enter the Earth's atmosphere. The friction created as they pass through causes the air around the meteor to heat up, resulting in a brief and bright streak of light.

Allow about 20 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark.

Remember: areas without urban light are the best and your eyes may take some time to get used to the darkness before you can see the show.

Scientists from NASA also said that camping out in the country can triple the amount of visible meteors. They say the further you are from artificial lights, the better the view will be. In contrast, clouds, showers and scattered thunderstorms will thwart prospective meteor watchers in a swath extending from the southern Great Plains northeast through the Carolinas, the Middle Atlantic states and on up into the so-called "Northeast Corridor", running from Washington and Baltimore to Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

-If you plan on capturing them on camera, don't forget to lower the shutter speed!



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