Before White Supremacists’ Rally, Trump Does Not Condemn Them Specifically

Police officers march past a statue of Confederate leader Robert E. Lee in Market Street Park as they set up a perimeter to prevent a repeat of last year's Unite the Right rally in downtown Charlottesville Virginia USA 10 August 2018

"The riots in Charlottesville a year ago resulted in senseless death and division", the president tweeted.

Bro's visit this weekend to the place where her daughter, Heather Heyer, 32, died is emblematic of her grit and the objective she found after the violent episode that shocked Charlottesville and the nation.

In downtown Charlottesville, Va., authorities are limiting vehicle and pedestrian traffic, dozens of police in riot gear are patrolling a park in the city's center and some residents have left town in case the weekend turns violent.

A day after tensions between police and community activists almost boiled over on the University of Virginia's campus, the city of Charlottesville plans to mark Sunday's anniversary of a deadly gathering of white supremacists with a rally against racial hatred.

A makeshift memorial for Heyer has been started ahead of planned protests. At least one rally is being organized on the University of Virginia campus by a group of student activists, UVA Students United.

"Last year they came with torches", said a large banner in downtown Charlottesville, according to the Washington Post.

People across the country are marking the event's anniversary. But they also reawakened our commitment to fight back against that ugliness of racism and bigotry.

A counterprotester who faced down a group of white supremacists that marched through the University of Virginia's campus past year says she's angry at the police response to a student rally on campus marking the anniversary.

Sunday's rallies come at a time when the wounds from last year's clash in Charlottesville remain raw, particularly in regards to the death of counterprotester Heather Heyer, who was killed when a suspected neo-Nazi sympathizer drove a auto into a crowd.

Bro has spent the past year speaking out on social justice issues that were important to her daughter, and launching a foundation in Heyer's name. Bro's desk at the Heather Heyer Foundation sports one of Heyer's favorite sayings: "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention".

Fields was charged with 29 hate crimes.

They also demanded the school bar self-identified white supremacists from the campus this anniversary weekend.

Although no rally is planned in Charlottesville this weekend, Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia declared a state of emergency. The Shut it Down D.C. Coalition, for example, scheduled its own rally beginning at noon to counter "Unite the Right 2". Miska is known for trying past year to remove the shroud covering the Robert E. Lee statue at the epicenter of the original rally. After last year's deadly event, several far-right groups sought to distant themselves from the alt-right. One resident, Anne McKeithen, tells Debbie she plans to leave town.

"It feels oppressive, but I think they're doing what they need to do, or what they feel they need to do", Diane Hellman, who lives in Charlottesville said. "It's just too frightening to be here, not knowing what might happen".

Under the watchful eye of snipers, a helicopter, and an endless sea of law enforcement, life went on in the heart of Charlottesville Saturday.

The city says each man was released on a misdemeanor summons. "It has people talking now".

"Charlottesville isn't a hashtag".



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