UN Assembly blames Israel for Gaza violence

Hundreds of Palestinians stage a protest in Ramallah against sanctions imposed by the Palestinian Authority on the Gaza Strip

The United Nations General Assembly voted Wednesday to blame Israel for violence in Gaza last month, rejecting a USA amendment that would have condemned Hamas as well.

The resolution passed by a vote of 120-8 with 45 countries abstaining.

He was fully backed by Turkey on behalf of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and Algeria on behalf of the Arab League.

Haley has strongly opposed the U.N.'s myriad denunciations of Israel and recently vetoed a similar resolution in the Security Council.

An amendment presented by the United States condemning Hamas for "inciting violence" along the border with Gaza failed to garner the two-third majority needed for adoption.

"The nature of this resolution clearly demonstrates that politics is driving the day".

Haley blasted the unamended resolution as "totally one-sided". U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley called that resolution "grossly one-sided" for blaming Israel while not mentioning Gaza's Hamas rulers.

"Advancing peace is not the goal of this resolution".

Israel, however, vehemently denies accusations of human rights violations and blames Hamas militants for the bloodshed.

Before the vote, the United States ambassador Nikki Haley said there were "no flawless actors" on either side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour said Tuesday night that he is lobbying 191 member states - all but the USA and Israel - and expects to win.

The Arab-backed resolution was first introduced in the Security Council after more than 120 Palestinians were killed during protests near the border with Gaza in the last three months.

The General Assembly largely ignored Trump's threats at the time to cut off aid to any country that went against the United States and voted 128-9 to denounce the USA president's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and declare it "null and void".

She said the US will seek an amendment condemning Hamas for firing rockets into Israel.

"It is about deterring further violence from taking place", he said.

U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman is slated to arrive in Washington, D.C., this week, for regular meetings and to "catch up" with Kushner and Greenblatt before the head to the Middle East, the official said.

"It is despicable for any country to even consider to vote for a resolution condemning Israel while refusing to support the condemnation of Hamas", he said.

The U.S.' support for Israel during the recent uptick in violence on the Gaza-Israel border has been criticized by many human rights groups.

The United Nations General Assembly votes to adopt a draft resolution to deplore the use of excessive force by Israeli troops against Palestinian civilians at U.N. headquarters in NY, U.S., June 13, 2018.

Brett Bruen, a former Obama administration official and president of Global Situation Room, told CBS News at the United Nations on Wednesday that USA actions in the Middle East are "costly for Israel, which has grown further isolated" as the US irritates allies and emboldens adversaries. The six nations who joined Israel and the United States in opposing the measure were; Australia, Micronesia, Nauru, Togo, Solomon Islands and the Marshal Islands. It also seeks recommendations from UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutterese on ensuring protection for Palestinian civilians, including an "international protection mechanism".

Israel's ambassador accused "anti-Israel elements" of blocking condemnation of Hamas.



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