Uber has applied for a software patent to detect drunk passengers

The raid-hailing app Uber Reuters

Sources told CNN that the AI will track unusual behavior on the passengers' smartphones, based on their location, inaccuracies in data input, typing speed, the angle at which the smartphone is being held, and users' walking speed.

CNN uncovered the patent, called "Predicting user state using machine learning".

Uber patents tech that would identify drunk passengers before they get in the vehicle by analyzing a number of factors.

A patent application shows Uber is working on using artificial intelligence to identify intoxicated users to better tailor ride options.

Uber could soon know if you are drunk when you hail a cab. Ideally, this would give Uber drivers a heads-up so they can fully prepare to deal with a drunk passenger or pass on them entirely in favor of someone who is sober.

It is not known if the info will be used to deter drivers from picking up such passengers in order to sidestep potential trouble.

If there are no drivers with expertise in such matters available, the drunk passengers could be denied service. Uber's decision to introduce a tech-savvy app comes following the incidents where nearly 103 drivers have been accused of sexually harassing passengers in the past couple of years.

Uber claims that many drunk riders find difficulty in getting their home and meanwhile haphazardly book a taxi.

The logo of Uber is seen on an iPad, during a news conference to announce Uber resumes ride-hailing service, in Taipei, Taiwan April 13, 2017. It might also pair them with drivers who might have more experience, or maybe it could even allow drivers to reject such passengers.



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