Theresa May reveals she has never watched Love Island

Love Island's Wes

Had the girls been given the power in the recoupling, Kendall say she'd have chosen Adam.

Last night saw Kendall become the first contestant to be unceremoniously dumped off the TV-show-cum-#drama-factory by Adam.

He revealed: "I didn't realise how insecure she might have been especially with me, I thought she'd have a little bit more confidence in her so to be honest it might be sort of grinding on me a little bit".

"I won't lie, it's not nice being the first one out, but I do feel positive that I did everything I wanted to do, and I stood my ground, and I have no regrets about what I did".

"For recoupling Laura will go with Wes then Adam with Rosie then Dannie with jack, Eyal with Kendall Samira with Doc and Georgia with Niall which means.bye-bye Hayley!"

However, Adam's feelings for Kendall changed over the course of the week when girls Georgia Steel, 23, and lawyer Rosie Williams, 26 came in.

The model told 22-year-old Eyal: "I just think when you know, you know". We were both attracted to each other.

"I know what I've come in here wanting and I know it's called Love Island, so I'm going to wait until I get what I want from it, no disrespect to you". He hasn't done anything wrong other than going with his gut and choosing Rosie. "I would hope Alex would find someone, and it would be so nice to see him get to the final". But over the past couple of days, they have seemed really close.

Look, we get it, they're a gorgeous looking bunch of girls, but jaysus ladies, read a newspaper once in a while.

Love Island's Adam Collard might have claimed that he turned down the chance to be a Geordie Shore cast member, but the cast have been ripping him after footage of him appearing on the show as an extra was unearthed. "They did have a glitch early on, but they click".



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