The end of net neutrality is here

Net neutrality ends this Monday June 11th motion to keep it alive could die in the House

"The gutting of net neutrality is a symbol of our broken democracy", Fight for the Future Deputy Director Evan Greer said in a statement. "But it has sparked an unprecedented backlash from across the political spectrum, and Internet users are coming out of the woodwork to fight tooth and nail in Congress, in the courts, and at the local and state level".

The rules oblige Internet service providers, or ISPs, to enable access of all content and applications, regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites.

Pai told "CBS This Morning" that the new rules will provide a "light touch approach" that produces "tremendously positive" benefits for consumers. So if an ISP does decide to nickel and dime its customers in those areas, a consumer would have to choose between sucking it up and paying the asking price, or going without broadband.

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Critics say service providers now have too much control over online content. "Any Republican seeking re-election in the fall can't run from this polling data or from the people back home who demand real net neutrality". Under a new plan, the Federal Trade Commission will police the ISPs. This, according to Pai, "will allow consumers to make an informed decision about which Internet service provider is best for them".

"It's now as clear as day to every American that - with the exception of three Republicans in the Senate - their Republican representatives in the Congress chose to protect special interests and the biggest corporates over middle-class families, average consumers, entrepreneurs and anyone who relies on the free and open internet", Schumer said. The rules initally passed under President Obama, but the FCC under the Trump Administration discarded the rule in December.

"In the House, we'll need 218 lawmakers to sign on to a "discharge petition" in order to force a vote past leadership to the floor", the coalition's website outlines.

The revised rules were a win for ISPs, whose practices faced significant government oversight and FCC investigations under the 2015 order.

The Obama Era laws protecting net neutrality are finally gone. Others, including the governors of Montana and NY, used executive orders to force net neutrality.

"Americans across the country are raising their voices against the Trump assault on the free Internet, yet House Republicans inexplicably refuse to listen to the will of the people and save net neutrality", she continued.



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