Resident Evil 2 Remake Will Feature Hunk and Tofu

Resident Evil 2 Remake

The Resident Evil 2 remake announced at E3 2018 sounds like a dream come true - the original game reimagined in the Resi 7 engine, and with that classic Resi 4 over the shoulder camera. Like the Resident Evil remake for GameCube back in 2002, this game was also built from the ground up.

Fans of the classic Resident Evil 2, originally released for the first PlayStation console in 1998, will be excited to know that they will have the opportunity to once again venture into the zombie infested Raccoon City.

Capcom's Yoshiaki Hirabayashi has confirmed that Resident Evil 2 will bring back the original game's Hunk and Tofu modes. After encountering a bitten police officer, I had to solve a strangely obscure medallion puzzle (Resident Evil has a knack for those) in order to open up a hidden exit and escape the police station.

The announcement was made by Capcom at E3.

The first trailer for Resident Evil 2 Remake serves as an effective teaser for a game many people thought they'd never actually see. Perhaps the biggest change is the switch to an over-the-shoulder camera, like the one used in Resident Evil 4, as opposed to the fixed camera angles seen in the PS1-era Resident Evil games. Players will also still be able to play as both Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy.

Of course, much has changed since Resident Evil 2 made its PlayStation debut, and the remake of Resident Evil 2 reflects many of those changes.

Are you looking forward to playing Resident Evil 2 again?

For the most part, it seems as though the Resident Evil 2 remake will be delivering an experience that aims to please returning fans and new fans alike.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is coming to the PC on January 25th!



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