Report faults Comey in Clinton probe but finds no political bias

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Even though Comey's actions clearly benefitted then-candidate Trump, the president is expected to use these findings to further attack Comey.

The report, which is not yet publicly available, concludes that Comey hurt the agency's reputation for impartiality, though it says he did not do so out of political bias, according to Bloomberg News, which obtained a copy of the report.

Trump is expected to use the report to renew his attack against two former top Federal Bureau of Investigation officials - Director James Comey and his deputy, Andrew McCabe.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions justified the firing of James Comey and offered that more terminations might be the effect of the Investigator General's report set to be released Thursday. Comey concluded on his own, without consulting Lynch (who had not officially recused herself after her tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton) on prosecutorial policy in regard to potential charges in the Hillary Clinton case.

The president "is really anxious to see the report", said a person familiar with the planned Thursday briefing. We may not know that for a year or more, but it does appear that Horowitz is leaving that possibility open.

Horowitz' report had criticism for Peter Strzok and Lisa Page as well, but also did not find evidence that the political bias expressed in their texts to each other impacted their investigation.

Horowitz is also expected to provide a frank assessment of how former FBI Director James Comey ignored longstanding departmental norms at key moments in the Clinton probe. "We'll stop it", Strzok responded, according to the Post report.

An earlier inspector general report criticized McCabe and led to his firing on allegations that he misled internal investigators about his role in a news media disclosure.

"He made a big mistake and he testified only a few weeks before that termination that he would do it again if he had the opportunity", he added, referring to Comey's announcement prior to the election that Hillary Clinton was under investigation.

Page and Strzok were involved in both the Clinton and Russian Federation probes.

The alleged findings come somewhat at odds with some Republicans' assertions that the report could show the agency harbored bias and that Comey - whose firing prompted the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller - violated department standards in the Clinton investigation.

What has Trump said about the inspector general's report?

Comey has said he felt compelled to alert Congress to the new emails, after having previously testified that the investigation was done.



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