Nintendo announces Daemon X Machina at its E3 presentation

Daemon X Machina,NoobFeed,Marvelous Entertainment

Opening up the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct presentation was a super stylish and anime-as-hell mech combat game called Daemon X Machina. The trailer shows a variety of environments, from cities to deserts, and it seems the player is able to fly to approach the larger enemies.

Tsukuda and his team have approached this brand new game with the goal of making it "the best mech action game" out there.

Daemon Ex Machina will be available on Nintendo Switch February 2019.

Tsukuda is known for his work on video games like Monster Hunter: Stories, Soul Sacrifice: Delta, Fortune Street, and Armored Core 2. The game's being developed by Marvelous Entertainment. Soulcalibur composer Junichi Nakatsuru is doing the music alongside Rio Hamamoto from Tekken.

Kicking Nintendo's E3 press conference off was the announcement of a mech battle title in the style in Gundam and Armoured Core. With release set for sometime this year, we're sure to receive more info on Daemon X Machina in the near future.



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