Moment SNP MPs Storm Out Of PMQs After Row With The Speaker

Making a stand SNP leader Ian Blackford in the House of Commons

Members of Parliament for the Scottish National Party (SNP) walk out of the House of Commons during Prime Minister's Questions after their leader Ian Blackford was asked to leave by the Speaker, in London, Britain, June 13, 2018.

The episode with Mr Blackford took place during the weekly Prime Minister's Questions session after he said it was a "democratic outrage" that MPs had not been given enough time for debate the Scottish government' concerns over the Brexit bill.

"We will do what we can as a parliamentary group to hold them to account, and use parliamentary procedures to best effect".

"The reality of the situation is that powers enshrined under the Scotland Act in 1998 are being grabbed back by this House". Leading SNP MPs out of Westminster in the moments following his ejection, Mr Blackford told journalists that from now on, "normal courtesies will not take place".

On Tuesday, British lawmakers had voted to push through Brexit legislation including measures affecting Scotland such as agriculture and fisheries which did not have the consent of Holyrood, the devolved Scottish parliament where the SNP is the biggest party.

Tempers flared after time ran out for debate on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill on Tuesday night as MPs were set to consider what the SNP has termed a "power grab" by Westminster over responsibilities returning to the United Kingdom from Brussels. Let me be clear, the SNP shall not "sit down" and allow the people of Scotland to be treated in this way.

Tory MP shouts at @IanBlackfordMP that he should consider suicide during last night's debate.

As Blackford left, he was joined by his colleagues, some of whom jeered and gesticulated at the Conservative MPs opposite.

The first minister and SNP leader Ms Sturgeon praised the MPs' actions, telling BBC Scotland: "The events in the Commons yesterday were a travesty of democracy".

Marching orders Speaker John Bercow told Mr Blackford to leave
Marching orders Speaker John Bercow told Mr Blackford to leave

What had Ian Blackford said?

"This rehearsed move just demonstrated that the SNP care more about headlines than actually achieving anything for Scotland".

"If it was simply disrespect to SNP MPs, that would be one thing".

He made the freakish and telling claim that 'even if we'd had 100 hours of debate, the situation wouldn't have changed, ' proving the United Kingdom government's contempt for Scottish devolution and desire to rollback the powers of the devolved parliament.

The Scottish Secretary will deliver a Commons statement today giving MPs the chance to debate Brexit and devolution.

Parliament has become more and more acrimonious as the process of leaving the European Union exacerbates divisions.

The SNP's deputy Westminster leader, Kirsty Blackman, said Mr Mundell's statement "must be his resignation".

When we came to Westminster first in 2015 and then again past year, we promised that Scotland's voice would not be silenced.

The SNP later said it had attracted 1,000 new members in the immediate aftermath of the row.



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