Microsoft Office 365 is Getting a Design Makeover

Morph transitions in Power Point are a part of Office 2019 for Mac

People who prefer to dedicate more screen space to the commands will still be able to expand the ribbon to the classic three-line view.

Office 2019 for Mac is supported on the two most recent versions of macOS, and to see how to participate in the Office 2019 Commercial Preview program, head here.

After getting a peek at some new design elements coming to Microsoft's Office apps this week, Microsoft has now confirmed it is planning a makeover for the Office 365 experience. Gradually rolling out over the next few months, users should first expect to see enhancements to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Microsoft will roll out this experience to the web version of Word first and will start to roll out to select consumer users today on The tech giant assures, however, that you can still go back to the old ribbon after the new one arrives on those applications. In July, Microsoft will also make this new Ribbon design available in Outlook for Windows. Among the top changes that will come with the update is a simplified command ribbon at the top, new icons and colours and a better search function.

There are also features for IT that will help them simplify deployment and management. There'll even ben "zero query search" that "will bring up recommendations powered by AI and the Microsoft Graph" as soon as you place a cursor in a search bar. Microsoft notes that it has no plans to remove the full interface in the future from Office 365. You can see the evolution of Microsoft Office icons over the years in the image below. Features will only become generally available once they've successfully navigated rigorous rounds of validation and refinement, says Jared Spataro, corporate vice preside for Office and Windows marketing.

Office today has a whole bunch of versions-the traditional, fully featured Win32 desktop applications and their near counterparts on the Mac, along with various simpler versions for the Web, mobile, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

Microsoft isn't the only technology giant that has been brushing up the interfaces of some of its most popular products.

Customers: We're using a customer-driven innovation process to co-create the design of the Office apps.

New colors and icons-Microsoft is updating the colors of icons and also introducing new icons built as scalable graphics.



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