John Boyega slams ‘Star Wars’ fans for harassing costars

John Boyega has a message for online trolls harassing his co-stars

A rattled Tran - who boasts 242,000 Instagram followers - deleted all her photos from the app, wiping her page clean and leaving only a heartbreaking bio, which reads, "Afraid, but still doing it anyway".

Tran, as it happens, is of Vietnamese descent, and her plucky, heartfelt performance in TLJ actually amounts to the first leading role by an Asian-American woman in a Star Wars film ever.

"The 74-year-old billionaire said: "[The next three Star Wars film] were going to get into a macrobiotic world". Lucas has confirmed numerous times in the past that he had been secretly developing his own sequel trilogy, although it became quite clear early on that Disney did not want Lucas to be involved in any way shape or form, but now new details have surfaced regarding Lucas' plans for this trilogy.

"If you don't like Star Wars or the characters understand that there are decisions makers and harassing the actors/actresses will do nothing". At one point, that was even the working title for Star Wars (you can find out more about that over here). "You understand that there is a process so much appreciated!" he added.

He followed up with a thank you shout-out to the fans who have been "putting themselves in the actor's shoes".

But he was taking no shit from anyone who didn't acknowledge the cruelty of the campaign against Tran.

And the movie's director, Rian Johnson, has also spoken out about the abuse aimed at Tran, which was apparently sparked by fans not accepting the California-born actress' Vietnamese-American ethnicity. "We're the VAST majority, we're having fun & doing just fine".

So far, Tran has yet to speak out herself about leaving Instagram, but plenty of fans are hoping that she'll decide to return to social media when she feels comfortable.

Tran quit Insty nearly two years after her cast mate Daisy Ridley also quit the site, she too having been harangued by "fans" for expressing support for the family members of the victims of gun violence.



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