God Of War Getting New Game Plus

E3 2018: New Game + Coming to God of War

Released just two months ago, God of War earned critical acclaim and commercial success thanks to reinvention of the series, and now it appears we'll get at least one new feature coming to the game in the near future.

God of War's "New Game+" mode will allow players to start over the game's story after completion.

What New Game+ will offer is a chance to replay the game again, only this time you'll start with all the upgrades from your previous playthrough. This will include all of the weapons, talismans and more, according to Eurogamer.

I still need to clear that beefy post-game content! Sony says that it's the single most requested enhancement for God of War and it's happy to follow through for fans who have been keeping their fingers crossed for the New Game+ Mode. The New Game+ Mode is now being developed and it's unclear precisely when it's going to be released for God of War. You will keep all of your armour, enchantments, and everything else acquired during the first play-through.

The 2018 "God of War" game was released in late March and it also functions as a reboot to the video game franchise. You can with New Game+.



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